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Lindsay Lohan Weight Loss

You might be wondering about Lindsay Lohan's recent weight loss - What's her secret for losing so much weight so fast? Well, check out these pictures:

Lindsay Lohan weight loss picture no. 1
Lindsay Lohan weight loss pictures - before (June 2004) and after (May 2005).

What do you think? That's quite a dramatic weight loss in relatively short time.

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Here are some more photos:

Lindsay Lohan loses weight pic
Lindsay Lohan loses weight between June 2004 and May 2005.

People - and the media especially - have been commenting about her rapid weight loss and she decided to talk about it herself:

Teen actress Lindsay Lohan blamed puberty for her weight problems. The "Mean girl" declared that while shooting for "Herbie" she used to eat only junked food and not heaving a healthy life. But for some weeks now, Lindsay is on a diet and working out on her private gym.

She revealed: "I haven't been on a crash diet I'm growing up and I just went through puberty a year ago - I'm 18 years old, give me a break.

"When I was doing 'Herbie' I was working a lot and pushing myself, and then I got sick because I wasn't taking care of myself I was eating junk food and not working out and not being healthy So now I work out and take care of myself", Lohan added.

The actress also confessed she would never experiment drugs - after watching her father self-destruct through substance abuse. Lohan's father is serving four years in prison, for assault and drink-driving, and has battled for years against alcohol and cocaine addictions.

She confessed: "I've never tried cocaine and I never would. I've seen my father, I've seen how it messes with families and screws up your life."


That's a reasonable explanation I guess - it's amusing how gossip can blow stuff out of proportion...

But now it's reported that Lindsay Lohan has hired a trainer to help bulk up:

Lindsay Lohan has hired a personal trainer - to put on weight. Speculation has been mounting in recent months that the sexy actress could be suffering from an eating disorder after she was repeatedly photographed looking stick-thin.

But although Lohan, 19, has always refuted the claims, she has employed a specialist trainer to help her bulk up. Exercise coach Justin Gelband has put the 'Herbie: Fully Loaded' star on a special diet to restore her sexy curves and the star has purportedly gone up two dress sizes.

She said: "I'm working out with a trainer and eating healthily. I want my boobs back." Justin also claims the teen star, famed for her love of partying, is planning to ditch her unhealthy habits for good. He said: "Lindsay is very athletic."In the future she plans to commit herself to a healthier lifestyle."


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