Broken-down "fat loser" exclaims ...
"She Said She Loved Me Anyway, But After She Left Me I Discovered the Truth: it Was Because I Was Fat"

Recent medical discoveries reveal a method you can use to lose almost a pound of body fat per day. He did it without drugs, without hunger, and his energy shot through the roof.

Hannes Johnson
Reykjavik, Iceland
Tuesday, 5:03PM ...

Have you ever seen a grown man cry? Well, this was worse than that ...

First, you're probably curious about how Paul lost all his weight. Heck, most of us are a bit over weight and we know that our weight problems not only make us look bad, but put our lives at risk, too. Wouldn't it be nice to strip all those pounds off without drugs or hunger?

Would you also like to know how to turn almost any adversity into a fortune? You're going to learn that secret (it takes only two steps), by the time you finish reading this letter.

The truth is, there are many methods advertised today to lose weight ... Most of them are fraudulent diet pills that only reduce the amount of money you carry in your wallet - not the amount of fat you carry on your body.

This method is based on recent discoveries in the field of medicine and delivers an almost fool-proof method for losing body fat at an unheard of rate.

This method is not "easy" - it will take some work - but it definitely works - no question.

Before I tell you what this method is (it's simple - not super easy - but simple), you had better read this story first. If you don't this information could get you in serious trouble, so please pay close attention.

Also, it's important that I first tell you about the "Secret Key" Paul used to turn what could have easily been a tragedy into a million-dollar triumph.

OK, here's what happened.

Paul and his (now ex-) wife had been happily married for several years.

When they first met, I had never seen two people more in love. You know those sickeningly-cute couples you take out and they can't keep their hands off each other? That was Paul and ... Well, I don't want to use her real name. Not to protect the innocent (she's anything but that), but to avoid a lawsuit. Let's just call her THE MONSTER.

Is that too harsh? Hardly. Believe me, I'm being kind. Read on ...

The Story of the Sweet Sweet Monster

Everything was going beautifully for several years, but at one point Paul started putting on some extra weight. If you work behind a computer, you can probably relate to this. It's all to easy to pack on the pounds when your physical activity of the day consists of your fingers tapping on a keyboard.

The only arm-curls Paul ever did was the curling movement of his fork as he shoveled food and beer into his face.

As Paul slaved away at his keyboard, he just "never had the time" to work out and watch his diet.

Now, we all know that was just a BS excuse. Paul had plenty of time really.

He could have replaced his daily 3 hour prayer to the cathode-ray God (I'm referring to the "idiot box" - you know - your TV) with some exercise.

But he didn't.

He could have chosen healthy foods over unhealthy foods.

But he didn't.

Later on I helped him with that too. I discovered a way to take off about a pound of body fat a day if you do everything right, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll tell you all about that after I finish the story.

Anyway, Paul got fat and his wife kept telling him, "It's OK honey. I love you anyway."

10 pounds later ...

"Don't worry, honey. I know you're working hard to provide for us and you don't have the time. I still love you."

10 more pounds later - on and on it went ... I think you get the idea.

Around the time Paul hit 215 pounds is when he and his wife stopped having sex.

It wasn't for any lack of desire on Paul's part. Heck, he would have had sex 3 times a day if his wife let him, but she completely shut down. It was always one excuse after the other.

This was the nightly routine ...


"Sorry dear, I'm not feeling too well?"

And the next day ...


"Sorry dear, let's just go to bed. I have to wake up early tomorrow."

Day three ...


"Sorry dear, I just got back from the gym and I'm exhausted."

Finally, Paul stopped trying.

He had an inkling it was because he had become so overweight, but she always reassured him. "Oh, honey don't be silly. You know I love you for you."

She was sooooo sweet to him all the time.

Who would have thought monsters could be so sweet?

The Smokin' Hot Monster

Now, while Paul was getting fat, The Monster stayed in great shape. In fact, she got in the best shape of her life while Paul blew up like a balloon.

One of Paul's best friends was in the personal training business, and over the last year of their marriage he started giving The Monster free personal training sessions at night. By the end of that year, she had become a real knock out.

She had always been what most men would call "hot" but after a year of first class personal training she was quite easily what any red-blooded man who still has a pulse would call ... "smokin' hot."

Sculptured flat mid-section? Check.

Tight plump back side? Oooooh yeah.

Perfect skin? Uh-huh.

Golden tan? Definitely.

She had it all right down the list.

Now, you probably think I'm about to tell you that she had an affair with The Personal Trainer, but you'd be wrong.

See, The Personal Trainer was a married man, a Christian, and one of Paul's best High School pals. His best friend, actually, and the four of them went out together all the time.

What happened was far worse than that ...

The "Yook-Shee-Hal-Lom"

Do you know what a "yook-she-hal-lom" is? Unless you speak fluent Korean, you probably don't.

Now, this is quite possibly the worst thing you can call anyone in Korean. Heck, it's probably the worst thing you can call anyone in any language.

WARNING: If you're at all squeamish, you had better skip the next three paragraphs.

When I was stationed in Korea working as a Korean linguistics specialist in US Army Intelligence, I learned a lot of interesting "cuss words" in Korean (as well as some truly beautiful things), but nothing I learned was as foul as the concept of the Yook-She-Hal-Lom.

A yook-she-hal-lom is a guy who is so despicable, that he should have ropes tied to each of his limbs and one to his head. This guy is so bad that you should then attach horses to each of those ropes and terrify the horses so they bolt off in different directions.

What is left is six pieces: a torso, a head, and four limbs. If you ever took Tae Kwon Do, you probably recognize the word "yook" meaning "six."

That's a yook-she-hal-lom and frankly, I didn't think I'd ever meet one. Who deserves that?

After hearing what happened next, I finally felt that I had come across a case where using this phrase was warranted.

Read on, and you'll know why ...

"She Put My Tender Heart in a Blender, but Still I Surrendered ..."
from the song "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit

Paul began to suspect something was up after a while and he quietly suffered in silence for many months. The personal training sessions got longer and longer and his wife's behavior became increasingly shady. That fact, combined with her complete refusal to have sex with him, started to eat away at him.

It literally made him sick. Not just emotionally but physically.

If you've ever known a victim of infidelity you'll know what I'm talking about. It's just about one of the worst things anyone can endure. You love this person, but you don't know if you can trust them. They're telling you there's nothing to worry about, but their every action tears away at the core of your heart.

That kind of stress just wears down the body. It's a real torture until you get closure. It gets so bad that you even begin to question your own sanity.

Paul confronted The Monster with his suspicions and she reassured him very convincingly, "I would never do such a thing. How could you suspect me of that? I love you!"

Paul came to me with all of this and I knew exactly what to do. The fact that I worked in military intelligence for many years, was a complete technology geek, and had several friends with similar problems in the past, sort of made me a de-facto expert on the subject.

I told him, "Don't worry, Paul. We'll get to the bottom of this." And we sure did.

Now look, some of the things we did may be considered extreme, but extreme situations sometimes require extreme measures. I'm not excusing what we did, but I do know that if we hadn't Paul may very well be dead right now.

What we found shocked both of us. I had never heard of anything so foul in my entire life. I would have felt sorry for myself having to witness this whole thing if it hadn't been for the way this ripped Paul's heart straight out of his chest.

Operation Rat Trap

"The first thing," I told Paul "is to do nothing. Absolutely nothing."

I explained to Paul that it was vital that his wife didn't suspect what was going on while we smoked out the rat. If she was guilty, we didn't want her to change her habits.

This is crucial!

Next, I told him to mentally prepare himself for what was about to happen next. His mind would be a real wreck over the next couple weeks as the operation unfolded and he had to make sure he wouldn't lose his cool.

If he had half-assed evidence and then went sobbing to his wife with his suspicions he'd blow everything.

It was absolutely vital that he didn't lose his cool.

I'll get to the exact techniques we used in a moment, but first, let's get to the real meat of the story.

Imagine Your Worst Nightmare ...

Now Imagine Something Worse Than That

I've got to warn you right now.

If you're offended by stories of a sexual nature ...

If you have no interest in discovering just how low people can sink ...

If you think you can't handle this story for any reason - please skip down past the next two sections. You're about to read about one of the worst things that has ever happened to a man.

Now, after the operation went on for a few days Paul became increasingly convinced that his wife was indeed cheating on him, and even worse that it was with The Personal Trainer (remember, Paul's high school chum?).

After looking at the evidence I agreed.

Now, what Paul did next was probably not legal, so do not try this at home.

Let's just say Paul figured out a way to get into The Personal Trainer's house without a key, without picking any locks, and with a plausible back-up plan in the event that he was caught. (Ahem ... Of course it wasn't me who taught Paul how to do this.)

Was this wrong?

Well, some may not agree with these tactics, but when you hear what he discovered, any moral finger-pointing at Paul will likely come to an abrupt end.

It didn't take Paul long to find what he was looking for. The problem is, he discovered way more than he should have ...

Paul entered the master bedroom. At first he felt terrible invading the space of his high school friend. This was, after all, where his best friend and his best-friend's wife laid down each night to sleep.

That feeling of guilt lasted about 30 seconds.

He went to one of the nightstands and opened up the drawer. Hundreds of pornographic photos were stuffed in there.

He picked one up and bang! the very first one was of The Personal Trainer and The Monster in the act. His worst suspicions confirmed.

It gets worse. Much worse.

Now, here's where Paul screwed up. What he did next scarred his mind in an almost irreparable way and almost landed him in jail or the morgue.

Paul should have grabbed that picture and made his way out the door and to the office of a divorce lawyer. I told him, "Once you have solid evidence, don't dig any deeper. You don't need to put yourself through that kind of torture."

Instead, Paul looked at every one of those pictures ... And he didn't stop there.

As he scanned through the pictures, it became clear that The Monster wasn't only sleeping with The Personal Trainer, but with The Personal Trainer's wife as well!

All of his friends were having a little party and only Paul wasn't invited.

He combed through picture after picture as the rage welled up inside him. He was about to run out of there screaming when he saw a picture that made him morbidly curious. The Monster and The Personal Trainer were looking at a spiral notebook laughing. The book was labeled:

"The Blob Log"

What the hell?

Paul rifled through some of the drawers and found the binder.

You know I almost wish Paul had never seen this book. My belief is that people should always know the truth even if it hurts, but not like this. This was just unnatural.

The Cheating Threesome had given Paul a nickname: "The Blob."

Paul discerned from the log that one time at dinner The Cheating Threesome almost let it slip out about the affair and they were shocked (and delighted) that Paul didn't pick up on it.

So, they started playing a game. They wanted to see how many times they could leave clues without Paul knowing.

One of the entries read (in The Monster's handwriting) ...

1/15/2004 - Last night at dinner we asked Paul if he had ever seen the movie "The Blob." He didn't know why we were all laughing, but he laughed along with us anyway. I don't think there's any limit to his stupidity. Maybe one of his "get rich quick" schemes will earn him enough money to buy a brain one day!

Paul read these words in total shock.

Paul learned that soon they tired of that approach so they took it up a notch. They began to give The Monster "Blob Bomb Missions" to see how far she could go in humiliating Paul.

One of the entries read ...

Blob Bomb Mission #32 - See if you can get Paul really really horny throughout the day and dangle sex in his face. Then at night when you're about to go to bed and Paul thinks he's going to get some, just roll over to face the other way and say "Good night honey."

11/8/2003 - Mission accomplished! Paul didn't even have the guts to ask me for sex. I knew it worked because he got up out of bed and rubbed one out in the middle of the night.

The Blob Log went on like that for page after page ...

Paris Hilton"All women should have three animals: a Jaguar in the garage, a tiger in bed, and a jackass who pays for it all."
Paris Hilton

Paul discovered that he was "the jack ass."

You know, it's common for young teenagers to have nightmares where they suddenly discover they have walked to school with no clothes on.

It's symbolic of having our deepest darkest fears and doubts exposed.

Paul actually lived through something far worse than that nightmare in real life.

Now, Paul was sitting there in that bedroom in total shock. He miraculously mustered up enough clarity and energy to call me on his cell phone.

I could barely make out what he was saying he was so hysterical and shell-shocked, but I told him to gather up some evidence and his senses and to come over to my house immediately.

I could tell he was about to do something stupid and I needed to prevent him from hurting someone - especially himself. Heck, I think this is about as close to "justifiable homicide" as the world may ever see, but I didn't want him to put himself at that kind of risk.

When he showed me the photos and the Blob Log he sat there in a comatose stupor. I believe the medical term for that is "shock."

As I looked through it all, I admit I had to calm myself down. After nearly a decade in the military nothing can shock me much, but I felt physically sick to my stomach with this.

Now, you'd think that a man would be utterly broken after this kind of experience. If Paul needed to just "cool off" under medical supervision for the rest of his life, I don't think many people would fault him for it after hearing about what he went through.

After reading through all of this stuff I looked up at Paul slouched over in the corner of my living room. His head was down and you could just feel the despair ... It was almost tangible.

He looked up at me and we just stared at each other for a minute. I tried to muster up some sympathy for Paul through all of the rage I felt. Paul's eyes began to tear up and what he said to me went through my brain like a bullet.

"Hannes ... Help me take my life back, man."

I will never forget those words.

In that moment I began to tear up, too. Instead of rolling over and playing dead, he was determined to make this the shining moment of his life. You could see that in his eyes. Through all of that despair I saw that tiny spark of determination.

It was inspiring.

This kind of courage is rare, but when you see it, it moves you in a way that you just can't understand unless you've seen it yourself.

Paul was a fat loser.

Paul was a fool.

But in that moment, that fat fool of a loser was a better man than I will ever be.

In that moment I made a vow to myself. I would be god damned if I let this crap ruin Paul. I was going to make it my mission to turn his life around.

After I helped Paul sort through the divorce proceedings and his psychological recovery, I taught him The Secret Key and began to coach him.

Paul wasn't just going to take his life back - he was going to be a millionaire.

Now, when you first read about The Secret Key, there's something you need to promise me.

Promise me right now that you won't say, "Oh, that's pretty simple. I could have told you that."

There's a big difference between knowing something and really knowing something.

When you act on this information - I mean really act on it - it's going to transform your life in a way that you could not possibly imagine right now.


OK, here it is: whenever something bad happens (no matter how slight or how major), go through this process:

1. Ask yourself if there is anything you can learn from it. (HINT: There always is.)

2. See if there's a way you can "spin" the situation to your benefit.

That's it.

Remember your promise? Stay with me now ...

Before I give you a few examples, you might want to print out this page and highlight the above two rules. If you do, you're more likely to follow through with your commitment to change your life the way Paul did.

Example #1: I Love Traffic Jams!

Most people sit in traffic jams in a state of what I call "Stanger." They're in a stupor, but they're also angry. Stanger.

A great way to go through life, huh?

I won't go into how stress hormones will lead to premature aging. I won't talk about how anger can lead to heart attack and stroke. I won't talk about how this is a total waste of time ... You know all this.

Here's what you can choose to do instead:

1. What can you learn from this?

Well, maybe you need to take a different route next time? Or maybe you need to drive at a different time of the day? Or maybe you need to learn that it's really not such a bad thing at all ... (Read on.)

2. How can you spin the situation to your benefit?

Well, what better opportunity could you have to listen to some good motivational or educational tapes or CDs? You probably have some lying around the house. Put them in your car and have them ready to whip out for such occasions. Or maybe you need some thinking time to solve a problem or brainstorm something. Here's your chance.

Example #2: How Paul Used it to Become a Millionaire

This is why Paul is my hero, and he will soon be yours, too.

1. What did Paul learn?

First he learned that his physical health does matter. Even if his wi ... (woops, I mean The Monster ...) had been able to get past his being fat (to some people it truly doesn't matter, but to some it does), what really mattered was that he didn't love himself.

I don't care what you look like, but if you don't love yourself, it's going to be really hard to find someone who loves you.

Paul used this opportunity to whip himself back into shape (I helped him with that, too - he was able to take off about a pound a day with the techniques I showed him ...).

Next, he learned that while there are some really terrible people out there, there are also some people who are willing to give you the shirt off their backs to help you. I was only one of several people who came to Paul in full support. Paul didn't realize how many true friends he had until this opportunity came along. There are 6 of us now that are closer than we've ever been with any other people as a result.

I could go on ... Do you get the idea?

2. How Did Paul Spin the Situation to His Benefit?

You already know that he got in the best shape of his life and that he made the best friends of his life.

Frankly, those two things are probably more important than 1.4 million he made as a result, but you're probably more interested in how he made his money. I can't fault you for that ...

Quite simply, Paul channeled his anger into his business.

I took him on as one of my Intensive Fellowship clients pro bono. I took him by the hand and walked him through the process of building a million-dollar-business step-by-step.

How did he do it?

I'll tell you about that, too, in just a second. Read on.

Paul's Ethical Revenge

I would normally tell someone planning a revenge to just let it go. Why bother, right? Just get on with your life.

In this case, I felt that Paul needed a stiff dose of closure. The psycho-drama he was planning was a pretty healthy outlet.

Paul remembered this line he read in the Blob Log ...

1/15/2004 - Last night at dinner we asked Paul if he had ever seen the movie "The Blob." He didn't know why we were all laughing, but he laughed along with us anyway. I don't think there's any limit to his stupidity. Maybe one of his "get rich quick" schemes will earn him enough money to buy a brain one day!

Of all the things he read in the Blob Log, that one hit home the most. The fact was, he hadn't made much money with his business, but he knew he was better than that ...

Years ago, Paul was one of the early "spammers" and he was in a constant struggle just trying to keep his business afloat. After years of taking a beating, he finally accepted the fact that spamming was unethical, so he started "Middlebrook Mail" as a legitimate opt-in mail marketing company.

A lot of us tried to help Paul out, but to no avail. Year after year he struggled to make ends meet.

After his divorce he channeled his thirst for revenge into his business. He envisioned a day in his mind when he would be totally out of debt, have a the car of his dreams, have the body he wanted, have his own house, and ...

He wanted to have a real, truly loving relationship with a gorgeous woman who, well, wasn't a monster. That's not too much to ask, is it?

When he had all of that, he would walk in to his old favorite pub where he knows The Cheating Threesome still hangs out. He would have his wonderful woman on his arm, he'd be wearing his wealth, he'd have a brand new body ... He'd walk in and just smile at The Cheating Threesome. He wouldn't rub it in their faces. He'd just walk in and smile and they'd know.

Again, I normally wouldn't support revenge, but in this case, I thought that was a perfectly healthy way to "spin the situation to his benefit."

Who the Hell is "The Blob?"

Paul did finally have his revenge. It didn't go exactly as he planned, but it was close enough.

6 months later, Paul worked his way down to about 10% body fat (from a whopping 40%), paid off his debts, and was earning about $40,000 US dollars a month from his business after tax and expenses.

Around that time, a business partner of his asked him to the old pub for a meeting. Meeting The Cheating Threesome was the last thing on his mind, but that's exactly what happened.

He walked in and there they were. Immediately he was tempted to turn around and walk out, but he steeled his nerve and walked in standing tall.

He walked in proud and sat down with his business partner two tables over from The Cheating Threesome.

He caught eye contact with members of the table several times and he couldn't figure out why they weren't reacting to his presence. It didn't take him long to figure out why ...

They didn't even recognize him!

In that moment Paul changed. Not only did he look like a different man, he was a different man.

Have you ever had an "epiphany?" This is one of those rare moments in your life when everything is finally clear. You feel, for just a fleeting moment, like you can finally make sense of this crazy-beautiful-joyous-mess we call life.

Paul had such a moment right there. In his mind he imagined walking up to their table and tossing The Blob Log. It lands with a whap and they look up at him in shock. He says to them ...

"I think this belongs to you."

The Most Shocking Discovery of All

Want to know what's really interesting about the above story?

Only about 60% of it is true. The rest of it was total fantasy.

There was no Blob Log. There was no Paul. There was no Monster ...

The important parts, though, are rock solid truth:

  • There is in fact, some exciting new medical research that reveals a method of losing weight that can be performed by anyone without hunger, and without drugs.
  • I do have a method I have personally used to lose just under a pound of body fat per day. It doesn't require you to spend a minute hungry, it doesn't require any dangerous drugs, and it can be performed by just about anyone. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it's easy - it's going to take some work - but the fact is, it works.
  • You will learn this method in just a few moments. Read on ...

Before I tell you how to get this information, I think I owe you a little explanation for the above story. Why did I concoct this whole thing?

Well, I didn't concoct the story - Mark Joyner, the author of "A Pound a Day" did.

Mark sold me the rights to sell this book and cooked up this story to drive home how painful obesity can get. If you think that your weight isn't affecting you and everyone around you, think again.

Mark has actually used these methods himself to rapidly lose weight as have many others.

There are literally thousands of products that claim they will make you lose weight, but the fact of the matter is, most of them are completely useless.

Wouldn't you like to know, from a guy who has tried everything (and I mean everything) a method that actually works? Without hunger? And without dangerous drugs?

What exactly has Mark tried? Well, let's just say he has done some of the stupidest things you can possibly imagine in his quest for weight loss. He treated my body like a science lab ...

From the commonplace to the comical - he's tried it all.

This report will outline the precise method he uses now to take the pounds off with scientific precision.

  • Now listen, medical doctors will tell you that it's not safe to lose more than two pounds a week, and I'm not a medical doctor, so I can't argue with that. The report will include warnings for people to use this methods at their own risk and under the supervision of a medical professional.
  • All I can say is, Mark worked this method down to a science after struggling with "yo-yoing" weight for the last 7 years.
  • This system gives me more energy than I know what to do with. Any day I use this method I can work for several more hours, I have perfect concentration, and I feel wonderful.
  • Did you know that there is a common amino acid supplement you can take that will vastly improve your concentration and mood?
  • Did you know that there is another amino acid (both of these can be purchased at almost any health food store) that will greatly speed up your fat loss, give you more mental "presence of mind," and may even relieve symptoms of Alzheimer's? (Some studies even indicate it can reverse the effects of Alzheimer's.)
  • There is yet another amino acid (also quite common and easy to find) that you absolutely must take if you are on a strenuous exercise program to prevent your immune system from weakening.
  • There is a fatty acid you can take (known as the most powerful anti-oxidant in the world) which has increased the life span of rats by 50%. Taken in combination with one of the amino acids listed above, it has caused elderly rats to behave like young rats. Because of this, even many doctors are recommending the combination to their patients.
  • Now listen, every single one of the above listed nutrients are generally recognized as safe, commonly available without a prescription, are not addictive in any way.
  • When I am on this program, not only do I feel great, but I am never hungry - not even for a second. In fact, it's imperative that you don't let yourself get hungry at any point throughout the day.
  • Here's another one - did you know that there is a very common, but very specific, form of protein you can take that will dramatically cut down your feelings of hunger?

Are you interested in learning these facts?

I'm sure glad I learned them. Mark's research has absolutely changed my life.

"I have lost around 10 pounds"

From: C******
To: support(at)
Subject: Re: Corinne, how has A Pound A Day worked for you?

Actually it has been working out really really well, I have lost around 10 pounds so far and I am much more toned then I was before. I have not been that strict with the program but I am following it and I am seeing definite improvements. Thanks

A testimonial from one of our many satisfied customers.

Right now, hundreds of people are following the A Pound A Day diet - and with great success. Like Fiona E - This is what she had to say after following the program for only a couple of days:

Thought I'd let you know I've lost 3lbs already! ...I feel great!

- Fiona E

You can try to sift through all of the nonsense out there and experiment for years, or you can benefit from Mark's struggles and experimentation. How much is 7 years of trial and error worth exactly?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our money-back guarantee

After you complete your order, if you are not satisfied for any reason, you are entitled to a 100% full refund. Simply tell us you are not satisfied any time within the next 60 days and we will give you a prompt and courteous refund within one business day - no questions asked.

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You'll pay far less than that, though.

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Hannes Johnson

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When you've tried this diet for a while you might have to buy some new clothes because your old clothes will be so loose after losing all that weight ;) provides information on how to lose weight fast.